Number printing: 
You will be printing your own number. 
You will receive an email from Feisworx on the Tuesday before the feis prompting you to do so. 
Numbers can be printed on regular paper, and then folded. 

Some families have a balance owing, in which case you will not be able to print your number. Go to tabulation at "The Island" (look for palm trees) in the ballroom to pay your balance. They can then print your number for you.

Merges & Splits:
Will be applied after first entry deadline
Registration is not open yet. 
Entries will be on 

You can also enter or make changes on the day of the feis, with a late fee. Head to Tabulation at "The Island" in the ballroom. (Look for palm trees) 

Tabulation will be open from 6pm - 9pm on Friday and from 7am on Saturday and Sunday, until the end of the feis.