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Hosted by the 
Watters School
May 23rd & 24th 2020
2019 Volunteers 


AIRPORT PICK UPS: Mike McNatt (Ryan Carroll 10.30am)
                             Sarah Conroy (Brian Boyce 1.40pm)  
                             Jim or Erin McKenna (Jim & Brigitte Sottnick, 4.21pm) 
                              Kelli Masterson (Brian Glynn, 7.43pm)

TRANSPORT & LOAD IN: 11am - Myra Watters
                                                Edie Thibodeaux
  Alison Roy  
  Kacy Pflugner

TROPHY PICK UP: Alicia Sheridan (11.30am)

LOAD IN: Team above (until 4pm at the latest)

STAGE BUILDING: Various times - Sean Lahey
  Andres Hanchi 
  David Loomis
  Brian Wiboon 
  Jeff Roy
  Brandon Sheridan

NUMBER PICK UP: 6pm - 8.30pm: Brianne Loomis
  Lara Lahey  


NUMBER PICK UP: 7am - 11am: Priscilla Fallon
  7am – End of figures: Erin McKenna

  End of figures – 12pm: Ella Irwin
  Parker Lamy

  12pm - 3pm: Gina Frank
  After prelim awards – 3pm: Ethan Frank 

STAGE 1: Sporadic hours: 7.45am (for figures)  
  10.45am (for specials) 
  Check in – Elaine Johnston 
  Wrangler - Sheila Mulcahy

STAGE 2: 7.45am – 12pm: Announcer & Check in – Sierra Saey
  Wrangler – Kaitlyn Sardin

STAGE 3: 7.45am – 12pm: Check in - Jennifer McDaniel
  Wrangler – Alison Hogan

  After figures – 12pm: Counter – Katie McKenna  

STAGE 4: 7.45am – 12pm: Check in – Jenny Lamy
  Wrangler - Sarah or John Conroy
  Announcer – Nicole Hanchi
  After figures – 12pm: Counter – Annabelle Roy

STAGE 1: Sporadic hours: 2.15pm app. (for specials)
  Check in & Wrangler – Kaitlyn Sardin

STAGE 2: 12pm – 4.15pm: Check in & Announcer – Sierra Saey
  Wrangler – Elaine Vito

STAGE 3: 12pm – 4.15pm: Check in – Kaitlyn Thibodeaux
  Wrangler – Amanda Johnston
  Counter – Emma Conroy

STAGE 4: 12pm – 4.15pm: Check in – Kristen Taylor
  Wrangler – Keely Fallon
  Announcer – Erica Schiff
  Counter – Emily Mack

RESULTS RUNNERS: After figures – 12pm: Amelia Chapman
  After Prelim awards – 4.15pm: Mandy Thibodeaux

HOSPITALITY: 8am - 12pm: Alison or Jeff Roy
  12pm - 4.15pm: Thida Wiboon

TABULATION: 7.30am – 12pm: Brian Wiboon
  12pm – 4.15pm: Alycia McKinney

CHAMP AWARDS TEAM: (Ceremonies at 12pm & 3.45pm)
  Coordinator – Myra Watters
  Announcer – Erin McKenna
  Awards worker – Sheila Mulcahy
  Awards worker – Elaine Johnston

AWARDS DISTRIBUTION: After figures - 12pm: Hope McKinney
  Jesse Rose McDaniels

  12pm - 4.15pm: Chelsea Nelson
  Amanda Wiboon

FEIS FLIP: 4.15pm - Alycia McKinney
  Jenny Lamy


STAGE 2: 8am – 10am: Check in & Announcer – Erica Schiff
  Wrangler – Rory Cain

STAGE 4: 8am – 11am: Check in & Announcer – Erin Budd
  Wrangler – Molly McKenna

STAGE 1: 10am – 12.15pm: Check in – Edie Thibodeaux
  Wrangler - Rory Cain (May have to count for young advanced beginner)

STAGE 2: 10am – 12.15pm: Check in – Alison or Jeff Roy
  Wrangler – Alyssa Wiboon (May have to count for young advanced beginner)
  Announcer – Erica Schiff

STAGE 3: 11am – 12.15pm: Check in – Kelli Masterson
  Wrangler – Molly McKenna

STAGE 4: 11am – 12.15pm: Announcer – Erin Budd
  Check in – Laura or Tom Mack
  Wrangler – Alicia Sheridan

CHAMP AWARDS TEAM: Ceremony – 11am:
  Coordinator – Myra Watters
  Announcer – Erin McKenna
  Awards worker – Sheila Mulcahy

RESULTS RUNNERS: 8am – 9am: Lily Sheridan
  9am – 10am: Lexi Sheridan
  10am – End of Prelim awards: ????????????????????????
  After Prelim awards – 12.15pm: Madison Hanchi

GRADE EXAMS: 8am - 2.30pm (Lunch at 11.30am): Assistant – Amanda Johnston

HOSPITALITY: 8am – 12.15pm: Abigail McKinney (In between your dances)

TABULATION: 8am – 12.15pm: Matt Irwin

AWARDS DISTRIBUTION & NUMBER PICK UP: 7.45am – 12.30pm*: Gregg or Christy Chapman
*Alternate with one another so you can go watch your dancers  
  8am – 9am: Hope McKinney
  9am – 10am: Noah Lahey
  Aine Loomis
  10am – End of Prelim awards: ???????
  After Prelim awards: Reagan Weiss

LOAD OUT: After feis - All available

TRANSPORT: After feis – Tom Mack
  Priscilla Fallon
  Back up vehicle (may not be needed) - Edie Thibodeaux

AIRPORT DROP OFF: After feis (12.30pm app.) – Rebecca Weiss (Joe & Brigitte Sottnick)
  After exams (2.30pm app.) - Nicole Hanchi (Brian Boyce, Anne Hall)

STAGE TEAR DOWN: After feis - Brian Wiboon
  Marty Fallon
  Jeff Roy
  Sean Lahey
  Brianne Loomis
  Kristen Killinger
  Tyler Killinger

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