Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are there double age groups? Again, if you come from outside Florida or the South, you may not be used to double age groups. Our feis entry numbers are lower than other feiseanna so we have to combine age groups to make sure there are at least 5 dancers, to make the win “count.”

What is “Second Chance?” We have very few feiseanna in Florida, so we offer a double chance to certain dancers, to move up the ranks. Our feis offers Second Chance competitions in Prelim, Prizewinner, Novice and Advanced Beginner.

Am I automatically entered on Sunday, by entering Saturday? No, they are separate competitions. You need to enter both, in order to compete.

Do I have to dance Saturday in order to dance Sunday? No, you can compete on either or both days.

Do the Saturday winners withdraw from Sunday’s competitions? No, they have the right to continue competing in that level until the end of a calendar year.

If I win on Saturday, can I move up on Sunday? Yes, you can make changes to your entries for $10 per dancer. Just go to tabulation.

Is Sunday a "black out" day? No, dancers on Sunday should wear their regular costumes. 

Do I get a new number for Sunday? No, it is the same feis. Please keep your number for Sunday.

Can I enter the feis on the day? Yes, for a fee of $20 per dancer. Go to Tabulation (at the Awards Island when you walk into the ballroom)

I made a mistake on entries, can I change on the day? Yes, for a fee of $10 per dancer.

Why can I not enter online anymore? There is a window of time from the Tuesday before the feis when you can no longer enter online. We shut entries down in order to print the paperwork. You can still enter at the feis on the day for a late fee of $20.

Can I enter or change my entry on Friday night? No, we do not have tabulation staff available until Saturday morning.

Where are the beginner competitions on Sunday? We do not offer Beginners on Sunday. This is not a double feis. It's a feis that offers second chance competitions in certain levels. 

Who can participate in the Adult Championships? These are open to adult GRADE level dancers. (Beginner, Advanced Beginner, Novice & Prizewinner)

Hosted by the
 Watters School
May 23rd & 24th 2020
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